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10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

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10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

EID is one of the biggest Muslim festivals whose celebration begins from Chaand Raat. When the full moon observed in the sky then it represents that the EID festival is about to come. This day is an occasion of peace, joy, and brotherhood. The evening of this Eid day is very special and people invites the guest at their houses. We know that we cannot attend any party without gifts. So it is believed that Eid Mubarak gift is an important component for this day. We all want to present one of the best gifts to the host of the party and that’s why we have found some interesting Eid Mubarak gift ideas for you.

Happy Eid Mubarak Decorations 2018

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018 for your Loved Ones

EID is a day of celebration and it is incomplete without a party. Whenever the party word comes in our mind, we always get confused about the choice of our gifts. On this EID lets buy some interesting Eid Mubarak gifts from stores. In this article of Ramadan Mubarak gift ideas, we have discussed some party gifts which will prove to be the best companion in parties.

1. Eid Mubarak Gift – Religious Books

On the holy occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, one can actually gift the Holy Quran, this is a unique gift can not only help them to offer prayers but will also help in seeking Allah’s blessings on an auspicious day. The best part in gifting religious books are one can gift it to any age group.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018 10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

2. Islamic Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are very much attractive decoration items for your house. People love to decorate their houses on this day and if you can present home decorative Eid Mubarak gift then they will really appreciate your feelings. Islamic wall hangings are very easily available in the market so that you can easily pack them.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

3. Happy Eid Mubarak Gifts Ideas 2018 – Islamic Jewellery

Women love to wear jeweler on the special occasion and for a lady Jewellery are the best Ramadan Mubarak gift ideas. There are lots of amazing Jewellery available in the online stores. These sites have special discounts offer on this special collection of Islamic Jewellery. You can also try these Ramadan Mubarak gift ideas for any EID celebration.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018 10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

4. Attar On This Mubarak Day Of Eid

Attar is one of the most important components while you dress up for an EID function. These Eid Al Fitr Mubarak gift ideas are very common and perfect for this occasion. When people wear beautiful dresses for any auspicious occasion, they never forget to put attar on their dresses. These attars are the best and most appropriate gift for any festival like EID.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

5. Sweet & Dry Fruits

We all know that the celebration is incomplete without any sweet item and that’s why we suggest you gift something sweet to the host of the party. They will definitely appreciate your Eid Al Fitr Mubarak gift ideas. Sometimes people gift some dry fruits which are also amazing and tasty Eid Al Fitr Mubarak gift ideas for EID. That’s why we suggest you present sweet or dry fruit gift on this auspicious festival.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018 10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

6. Happy Eid – Adhan or Azan Clock

This gift is for a devotee who would offer namaz five times a day. An Adhan clock would be the best gift which would be cherished for the lifetime. This is a different style of the clock which has a unique tone of Azan and one can start his morning hearing the same.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

7. Apparels On This Lovely Eid

Every Muslim whether a kid or an adult wishes to celebrate this auspicious day with new outfits.  So it is advised that you can gift apparel to the host of the party. There is some cute children apparel available for the kids. They will become very happy while receiving these apparel Eid Mubarak gift. There are a large variety of Eid Mubarak gift outfits available on online stores with great discounts.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

8. Monetary Gifts On Eid

One of the most popular Eid-ul-Fitr gifts is a cheque that you may offer to your loved ones on this special occasion. The Eid is the time when children and young members of the family look forward to getting monetary gifts from the elder members. So, you can simply place the cheque in an envelope and hand it to your dear ones along with blessings

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

9. Eid Art Canvas

Art canvas in itself is a unique thought process, as it is artistically engraved with Quranic and holy text given by the Prophet. This gift can be mounted in a frame and can be easily hung on the wall. This gift can be offered to really close and dear ones

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

10. Eid Mubarak Sweet Box

Everybody like sweets and it is one of the essential parts for any celebration. So a sweet box is a perfect EID gift. Your sweet box should consist of various types of sweets and it should be beautifully packed with colorful papers. EID gifts should be packed with perfect decorative items. You can either pack that box with the help of shopkeeper or you can pack those EID gifts by yourself.

10 Best Eid Mubarak Gifts 2018

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