Eid Al Adha 2018

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Eid Al Adha Celebrations Morocco 2018

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Eid Al Adha Celebrations Morocco 2018

In terms of history with civilization, geography, people, and even occasions, Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful and distinguishing countries around the world. These events would be absolutely more distinctive when the Moroccan breathes spread out of them; they are religious, social, scientific and even conventional.

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However, Eid al-Adha is one of the most important religious events celebrated in Morocco. The “eid el-Adha” is an Islamic occasion that has its own rituals; the celebration extends for four days, however. During the eid’s days, the delicious Moroccan food are served with sweets to spread ultimate levels of joy and happiness.

Although Eid al-Adha is celebrated in many Arab countries, Morocco has its own special atmosphere. Eid Al Adha, the sacrifice feast, has always retained an important place in all Moroccan houses. It is also known as “Eid El Kebir”, which indicates the importance of its religious identity that all people share enjoyment and generosity.

Eid Wishes Quotes 2018

According to the Islamic calendar, this occasion is considered as one of the biggest  religious celebrations. For those who can afford for the feast, the slaughter is a duty. Still, despite their financial states, most of the Moroccan families borrow money to buy sheep or goat for the celebration and offer them as a sacrifice on this Eid. However, following the example of Abraham, the prophet, is the main purpose of the al Eid.  Faith in the religious messages and obeying them is the main target of such feasts. Slaughtering is not the goal, however.


Everyone is enthusiastic welcoming the arrival of the eid. All of young people and children are waiting for the big day. In the early morning, all the Moroccan families’ members wake up sharing a delicious breakfast with one each other. After that, prayers are done in the mosques by the men. Then, the sheep will be prepared to  be sacrificed at the feast’s day. This process must be painless, however. The butcher makes sure to protect the goat’s organs and some parts are prepared to be eaten.

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In Morocco, sweets and cookies are prepared very well in advance for the special waited day. The process of preparing the meat is the most important Moroccan tradition on Eid al Adha. During the four days of Eid, despite its expensive price, families serve meat-rich dishes using various parts of the body such as the head, stomach and feet. In general, all the dishes of this feast are delicious and their main ingredient is meat.


In a way that expresses the happiness of the Eid’s coming, buying new clothes especially for children has been a ritual that is protected over generations.  On the holy day, People visit their relatives, neighbors and friends to share their greetings and collectively celebrate indicating the importance of their social relations. In each house, you can offer different and delicious types of sweets and drinks that have been specially prepared for this day. This is an ancestral tradition of the Eid that Moroccan families protected it.


Markets and sellers are busy preparing for Eid’s celebration. All markets in every city and town got crowded with people all times before the holy four days. All of them go to markets buying their needs, clothes and the most necessary ingredients for sweets and Eid dishes. The markets welcome the Eid’s arrival in a special way; they are enlightened and decorated in accordance with the celebration. An atmosphere of fun that is festive would absolutely make you satisfied and happy. Can you figure the importance of these days to Muslims in morocco?.

All this wonderful moments and the atmosphere of amazing sharing and more is explained in Morocco during the Eid al-Adha days. You will be very lucky if you visit Morocco during this holiday because it will be a wonderful experience not to be forgotten, and an opportunity to live the rituals of eid in friendly Morocco.

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Despite the fact that the holy Eid is particularly celebrated by Muslims, many other sectors share those special happy moments with them. A splendid atmosphere holding all meanings of caring, collaboration and uniqueness is found in Morocco during the special days.  If you are in the land during the times of holy Eid, don’t miss the chance of being definitely festive. Enjoy it!

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