Eid Al Adha 2018

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Eid Al Adha/Eid ul Adha poems English

Eid Al Adha/Eid ul Adha poems English:Eid Al Adha/Eid ul Adha poems:Eid Al Adha Or Eid Ul Adha 2018: EID Al Azha Mubarak SMS-Islamic Sms/Messages in Urdu, Hindi & Arabic :Eid Al Adha/Eid ul Adha poems:100+ Eid Al Adha Quotes for Facebook 2018: Firstly we wish you all a very happy Bakri Eid/Bakri Eid Mubarak 2018 in advance. Hope you guys are enjoying our today. As we all know that this year Eid Al Adha is going to celebrate on 21 August 2018 in India & Other Countries, This festival is celebrated on different dates in various countries. This holy festival is celebrated by all Muslim communities from all over the world. If you looking for eid al adha messages 2018, eid al adha status 2018, eid al adha thoughts 2018, eid al adha sms 2018, eid al adha 2018eid al adha wishes 2018, eid al adha messages, wishes, greetings, SMS, status for WhatsApp & facebook or twitter then you are at right place. From our website, you can download all latest eid al adha quotes and send to your beloved one’s or families, friends or relatives.

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Eid Al Adha/Eid ul Adha poems English 2018


Eid al Adha SMS Wishes 2018

Even Sacrifice May Not Be Pure By Nicholas

Even sacrifice may not be pure,
Intended for the eye and not the heart.
Do, then, out of love make sacrifice
As Abraham once offered up his son.
Love of Allah is what will endure
As fire consumes each lacerated part,
Devouring all but love, that will suffice
However long the sacrifice goes on,
As years and lives through time’s cold fingers run.

Eid al adha 2018 UAE

Every Moment Sings of Love and Beauty by Nicholas

Every moment sings of love and beauty.
If such gifts are yours, what must you give?
Dance, dance through the gardens of your duty,
And be a blessing by the way you live.
Let go your self , and all your schemes and pleasures,
And leave them with your shoes outside the door.
Do the things that bring life’s greatest treasures
Here, with your forehead on the floor,
And know for certain whom this gift is for.


For Allah, my heart went there
Where I turn my face in Prayer
It’s a duty, this I know
So to Makkah I did go
For Allaah I packed my gear
Then to His House I came near
For my journey I was ready 
Allaah made me strong and steady
I walked around the Ka’bah wall
And teardrops from my eyes did fall
   Yearning was I for this day 
In Allaah’s House to pray!
Truly my heart, Allaah brought 
I thank Him for His support!
With His Mercy I arrived
Then home I went, purified

Bismillah – Rumi’s Poem for Eid Al-Adha

It’s a habit of yours to walk slowly.
You hold a grudge for years.
With such heaviness, how can you be modest?
With such attachments, do you expect to arrive anywhere?
Be wide as the air to learn a secret.
Right now you’re equal portions clay
and water, thick mud.
Abraham learned how the sun and moon and the stars all set.
He said, No longer will I try to assign partners for God.
You are so weak. Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave
till it gets to shore.
You need more help than you know.
You’re trying to live your life in open scaffolding.
Say Bismillah, In the name God,
As the priest does with knife when he offers an animal.
Bismillah your old self
to find your real name.
– Jalaladdin Rumi
Ya Haqq!

Eid-Ul-Adha – Poem by Showkat Ahmad Bhat

Ibrahim (A.S) succeed 
In doing a great deed
What he was ordered by God
His Allah, his Lord

He was ordered to sacrifice his son dear
Which he had to bear
And was put to test
Achieved the result best

Let’s celebrate the day
And every one of us must pray
May soon come the day
When the truth spread everywhere

Here i with my reed
Salute Ibrahim’s great deed
And wish for everyone
A happy Eid 

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